Proclamation with demonstration!

We are living in a day where the Body of Christ is starting to awaken to the reality that we are called to be on a mission with a mandate! We are called to go, proclaim, and demonstrate the glory of God. The Gospel without power is not good news, it is just another religious philosophy in contrast with many others. With this awakening there is coming an activation to corporately release our individual gifting, and calling in unity. This then causes an acceleration of the outreach released through His Body, the Church! As the song heralds, “God is not dead, He is surely alive, He is living on the inside roaring like a lion!” The realization of this fact to the world is demonstrated through us, his people being excited (fully awake), and ignited (fully on fire)! If there is no fervency on our part in releasing the word and will of God, then we should not be surprised if there is no radical response from those who hear. I want to share a statement that keeps resounding in my heart: The absence of hope makes despair all convincing, and the absence of light makes darkness “seem” light-quenching! If we do not obey the Great Commission and go, preach, and release, then the only option that seems to be real is the kingdom of darkness that exists due to the absence of “The Kingdom of Light!” The “Kingdom of God is at hand” is our message and the demonstration of this through The Lord working with us in the releasing of signs, wonders, and miracles is our mandate! Unknowingly, the world is waiting for a real revelation of The Lord JESUS Christ that can only be demonstrated through us, His a Body, the Church! Come on, let’s go, preach, and release!

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