July 1 began an amazing time of God’s incomparable outpouring! We physically experienced the windows of heaven open and showers from heaven rained down on a dry and thirsty land. Souls have been saved, bodies and minds healed, and the transforming power and presence of the Holy Spirit has filled many who have asked. With honor, praise and glory, we give thanks to God. He has not forsaken us, but He is hearing the cry of His people.
2 Cor 7:14

We are excited to see the lives of people that are being transformed as God’s love is being demonstrated by the actions and words of His body, the Church! His Word accomplishes that which He sends it to perform ONLY if we have the boldness to share it with sincerity! We praise Father God for the demonstration of His power to save, heal, deliver and fill in these last days as He extends His grace to all who will receive! To Him be the glory!

“Recently, I met with a woman who had endured horrible pain inbetween her shoulders for an extended length of time. I asked her to attend a prayer meeting where people of faith in God’s healing would pray for her. She agreed to go and through God’s loving grace and because of her obedience, He healed not only her shoulder pain, but other ailments that had hindered her from living a joyful, victorious life as the Spirit-filled woman of God she is.” M.H.

We recently shared a message on the “Community of believers through communion with the Lord.” After Michele and I served Communion to everyone, as we were getting ready to finish the service, I received a word of knowledge that someone was dealing with pain in one particular area of their body. When I shared the word, a gentleman immediately spoke up and said that he was having pain in that exact location of his body. We prayed for him and the Lord touched his body. As we were giving the Lord a hand clap of praise for touching this man, a young man in the group gave his life to Jesus. We praise God for all that He is doing as we lift up the Name of Jesus through the releasing of His word in the power of the Hoy Spirit! To Him be the glory forever! T.H.

We had a gentleman share his testimony of how God healed his knee after receiving prayer at the CROSS~FIRE Outreach Event that took place on November 16, 2013. He mentioned that he had been to physical therapy that day before coming to the meeting that night. He relayed to us that he had went and played basketball just to see how thorough the healing was and proclaimed that it was total! “Jesus still does what He did!” T. H.